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Reimagining Battery Research: Unveiling the Power with PSI

As a pioneer in battery research, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) ignites the spark of innovation within the OPINCHARGE project. For over 25 years, PSI has been at the forefront of operando characterization method development, delving into the intricate world of rechargeable batteries. Armed with cutting-edge research facilities like the Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the SINQ neutron source, PSI embarks on an incredible journey to unlock the mysteries hidden within battery interphases.

Elevating Battery Characterization to New Heights

At PSI, the mission within OPINCHARGE goes beyond conventional battery research. The focus is pushing the boundaries of gas analysis coupled with isotope labeling, aiming at precision and sensitivity that illuminate the inner workings of battery interphases like never before. By enhancing neutron imaging methodology through isotope labeling, PSI aims to uncover groundbreaking strategies for bolstering battery interphase stability.

Shaping Tomorrow: OPINCHARGE’s Impact

OPINCHARGE stands as a guide of collaboration, uniting experimental and theoretical researchers in a quest for battery excellence. Within PSI, the project is seen as a catalyst for transformations and discoveries in battery interphases. Through dynamic partnerships and knowledge exchange, OPINCHARGE is set to redefine the future of battery technologies, thus paving the way for safer, more efficient power solutions.

Harnessing Synergy for Success

The heartbeat of OPINCHARGE lies in its collaborative spirit, where diverse expertise converges to unlock new frontiers. According to PSI, multidisciplinary synergy fuels insights from different characterization methods, intersecting to unveil groundbreaking discoveries. Through seamless communication and shared vision, OPINCHARGE is propelled forward, charting a course towards unprecedented battery advancements.

Dreaming Big: Revolutionizing Energy Storage

The vision for OPINCHARGE extends beyond the laboratory. It envisions a world where batteries transcend limitations. By unraveling the complexities of battery interphases, PSI is fostering energy solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow. From mobility to renewable energy, PSI remains dedicated to shaping a future powered by innovation, sustainability, and boundless possibilities.

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