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Energizing Innovations: CIDETEC Illuminates Battery Interfaces in OPINCHARGE

In the dynamic landscape of battery research, CIDETEC emerges as a key player, driving innovation and understanding in the OPINCHARGE project. With a mission to deepen the understanding of interfaces and their impact on cell performance, CIDETEC’s contribution encompasses a multifaceted approach, integrating various teams and expertise.

CIDETEC’s Collaborative Workflow Pioneers Advancements

In OPINCHARGE, CIDETEC’s involvement extends beyond conventional boundaries. By unifying several teams, they endeavour to:

  • advance pouch cells with reference electrodes,
  • conduct intricate Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) on diverse coin cell configurations,
  • develop ultiphysics and data-driven models.

This holistic workflow aims to decipher the complexities of interfaces and pave the way for transformative insights.

Envisioning Deeper Understanding

Anticipation runs high as CIDETEC embarks on this odyssey of discovery within OPINCHARGE. By combining experimental and modelling endeavours, the organization expects to gain unprecedented insights into the evolution of interfaces during cell utilization. The prospect of unravelling the complexities of thin films and interphases, long shrouded in mystery, serves as a beacon of hope for revolutionizing battery development.

Harnessing Synergy for Success

At the heart of OPINCHARGE lies collaboration, and CIDETEC is poised to leverage this synergy for the project’s success. Through regular meetings and close collaboration between experimental and simulation teams, CIDETEC aims to unlock detailed insights into the intricate processes occurring within thin films, driving collective understanding and advancement.

Shaping the Future of Battery Development

Looking ahead, CIDETEC envisions a future where interfaces evolve, and batteries thrive. By integrating experimental and modelling endeavours, the organization aspires to establish new paradigms in battery development, cantered on knowledge and minimizing reliance on trial-and-error methods. Through their contributions to OPINCHARGE, CIDETEC aims to shape the trajectory of battery research, powering progress towards a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.