The ambition of the Battery 2030+ is to make Europe a world-leader in the development and production of the batteries of the future. These batteries need to store more energy, have a longer life, and be safer and more environmentally friendly than today’s batteries in order to facilitate the transition to a more climate-neutral society. The project is led from Uppsala University, started on 1st of September 2020 and consists of seven projects with a total budget of EUR 40.5 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. BATTERY 2030+ is a large research environment, with Sweden and Uppsala University coordinating the overall activities. The goal is to create more environmentally friendly and safer batteries with better performance, greater storage options and longer life.


BIG-MAP is a cutting-edge project within the BATTERY 2030+ initiative. Our goal is to revolutionize battery innovation by speeding up the discovery of new materials and interfaces. Using advanced technologies like AI and high-throughput characterization, we’re creating a collaborative research infrastructure that brings together experts across the battery value chain. By reinventing the way we invent batteries and developing a Materials Acceleration Platform, we aim to achieve a 5-10 fold increase in the rate of battery discovery within the next decade.

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