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A Piece of Battery Research Puzzle: CIC ENERGIGUNE’s Collaborative Approach

Explore the fascinating world of battery research with CIC ENERGIGUNE! This leading energy research centre dedicates its efforts to advancing electrochemical energy storage technologies. As a crucial partner in the OPINCHARGE project, CIC ENERGIGUNE brings its expertise in solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to unravel the complexities of battery interfaces.

Shedding Light on Battery Interfaces

At the heart of CIC ENERGIGUNE’s contribution to OPINCHARGE lies its solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) team, poised to delve into the structural characterization of the Solid-Electrolyte Interface (SEI) components formed during battery cycling. Solid-state NMR, a powerful and precise technique, offers unique insights into the atomic-level composition of materials, making it invaluable for studying the intricate interfaces within lithium-ion batteries.

Fostering Collaboration for Scientific Progress

CIC ENERGIGUNE sees the OPINCHARGE project as an exciting opportunity to advance our understanding of battery interfaces through collaboration. By combining solid-state NMR with other experimental and theoretical methods, the team aims to provide crucial insights that will enhance our knowledge of battery materials and phenomena. Through collaboration, OPINCHARGE becomes a driving force for groundbreaking discoveries in battery science.

Looking Ahead: Hopes and Expectations

As OPINCHARGE progresses, CIC ENERGIGUNE is optimistic about the project’s outcomes and long-term impact. Detailed insights gained from studying interface phenomena will pave the way for the development of improved battery materials, driving advancements in energy storage technology. Additionally, the project’s focus on developing experimental techniques, such as solid-state NMR, promises to expand the horizons of battery research, opening up new avenues for innovation and discovery.

Join us on the journey to uncover the secrets of battery interfaces and unlock the potential of energy storage technology. Together, we pave the way for a sustainable energy future fuelled by collaboration, innovation, and scientific inquiry.